Sunday, September 14, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 8

Steve pretends he's a centrist:

FREDERICTON, N.B.–Future Conservative governments will have to govern in the interests of a "broad majority" of Canadians if they hope to stay in power, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says, offering a calculated appeal that the country can trust him with a majority.

That's right, Steve. We broads have had it up to here with your cuts to women's programs.

Oh. That's not what you meant?

While Harper says the population has drifted to the right of the political spectrum in recent years, he also says his party has to shift its values as well in order to govern.

"I don't want to say the Canadian public is overwhelmingly conservative, or that it is necessarily as conservative as everybody in our party," Harper said yesterday during a campaign stop.

Ya think? Yes, Steve, there are those of us out here show still believe in human rights - even for Canadians sentenced to the death penalty, jailed as child soldiers, and subjected to torture in other countries. So, no, we're definitely all as conservative as you and your inhumane lackeys are.

"That means our party has to make sure that it continues in the interests of the broad majority of the population. That means not only that we want to pull Canadians towards conservatism but Conservatives also have to move towards Canadians if they want to continue to govern the public," the Prime Minister told reporters.

Pull all you want there, Steve. You can even pull my finger if you want to but I, along with millions of other Canadians, will not allow you to pull the wool over our eyes while you try to convince the country that you're some new & improved Conservative. Don't just believe me, though - bleeding heart liberal that I am. Sit down for a nice little chat with Danny Williams (if you dare). He'll clue you in.

And speaking of Steve, I see Peter McKay is trying to clean up a PR mess for him:

During a visit to Afghanistan just after he became prime minister in 2006, Harper told soldiers in Kandahar that people who didn't support the combat mission wanted Canada to "cut and run" from its obligations to the Afghan people.

"Cutting and running is not your way," he told the troops. "It's not my way and it's not the Canadian way."

That's not what will happen when Canadian soldiers end their combat role in 2011, MacKay said.

Busted, Steve.

Meanwhile, on the NDP front, I wasn't aware of this before I read about it in The Star:

At the starting gate, Layton's NDP was gaining on the Liberals. This time, the party leader reduced his political baggage by painting only his name, in bold letters, on the livery of his chartered plane – with nary a reference to the NDP.

Memo to dippers: get yourselves a new leader. It was bad enough that he helped force out the Paul Martin government (who knows how that may have turned out? not me, but he should have had a shot) by teaming up with the Conservatives but to learn now that his ego is painted in bold letters on his campaign plane? How insulting is that? If I was an NDP party member, I'd quit or launch the push to turf him just for that reason alone. Send Jack packing. The party deserves a much better leader than that.

Shifting gears, if I'm like your average Canadian who wants to do something about the environment, global warming, and pollution and who believes the federal government needs to do more but I don't have time to figure out each party's proposals, how would you partisans explain your party's platform to me in 25 words or less?

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