Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 3

Alrighty then. So, today we learned that the Cons have apparently hired a 16-year old boy to be in charge of their online campaign. For the reaction to his first campaign contribution, let's check out the extremely politically correct CBC: "Harper apologizes for 'tasteless' bird-excrement attack ad on Dion". Or, as that librul rag the G&M put it: "Pooping puffin pulled from Tory ad."

The Conservatives have edited an Internet ad showing a bird pooping on Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion to remove the defecation scene.

Tories say the clip was the result of an overzealous web designer and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper apologized for the defecating puffin, calling it “tasteless and inappropriate.”

Mr. Harper said he didn't know about the web clip before it was posted Monday night. “Belittling images are not fair game,” Mr. Harper said.

The web ad at www.notaleader.ca still shows a puffin flying around Mr. Dion, but it no longer defecates on his shoulder. Instead, it now links [if you click on the gun-toting cartoon character. -catnip] through to a video of Michael Ignatieff saying: “And they put their excrement in one place, they hide their excrement. This seems to me to be a symbol of what our party should be.”


Since this seems to be a new element in this campaign, I've devised a scorecard:

Scatalogical references -

Cons - 1
Libs - 1 (although, to be fair, that was an old clip of Iggy)
Other parties - 0

You'll note as well that the Cons mock Dion by portraying him as a professor. That certainly goes along with their disdain for anything resembling actual facts, n'est-ce pas? Intellectuals be damned!

I hope that 16 year old got one huge bag of Doritos™ and a nice little sweater vest for creating that site. I'll bet he got to skip doing his homework too.

By the way, at the time I saw Control Freak Steve apologizing on my teevee for this shit, the site was still showing the offending action. My guess is that the Cons decided to leave it as is for as long as they could get away with it.

In other news, Steve apparently made some announcement about cutting some fuel taxes or something and he had something to say to new immigrants, somewhere. I missed that because I was busy paying attention to BirdShitGate though. Way to overshadow your party's message du jour, Steve.

Control Freakiness score for today - 0

Note: for readers who may wonder why I haven't written about the election as it relates to my home province, Alberta, here's why. Any questions?

Meanwhile, Layton is getting massive blowback for opposing the inclusion of Elizabeth May in the debates. Good. Keep at it.

And then, ironically, he said this today as well:

Meanwhile, on the third day Layton’s campaign appeared to be already faltering with little on offer than castigating corporations and slamming Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s pandering to the well off.

“Last time I looked Exxon didn’t need any help from the Canadian taxpayer,” he said, adding that he campaign is one of change because he’s not part of the political old boys’ club.

Really, Jack? C'mon.

In religious fundie news, "Duceppe queries Opus Dei candidate". As far as I know, the candidate isn't this guy. I know Opus Dei members are into pain but - running for office? Just how much can one person take??

Obligatory poll smoking: Stevememtum is going down. I hope they weren't counting on that pooping puffin strategery to pull them through...or the latest economic news, for that matter.

Bonus update:

Lobbyist Scandal Alert - Top lobbyist dealing with PMO is now acting for Tories

The choice quote comes from Gilles:

“How can Stephen Harper explain such promiscuity with a lobbyist who deals with his office?” Mr. Duceppe asked at a news conference."

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