Sunday, September 21, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 15

To start off tonite's roundup, as reported by the CBC, props to Big City Lib for exposing some shocking opinions from Toronto Center Con candidate Chris Reid's (now disappeared) blog. (Note: the fact that he's gay has nothing to do with the situation so I'm raising my objection to BCL's headline for that post.) BCL has a follow up post here.

In his blog, according to BigCityLib blog, Reid criticized passengers on the bus in Manitoba where Tim McLean, 22, was beheaded in a gruesome killing in July.

Passengers and the driver "stood by and watched another person being butchered, and couldn't muster up any courage or self-sacrifice to intervene," Reid wrote.

"This is where socialism [has] gotten us folks, a castrated effeminate population."

He went on to say that if Canadians were allowed to carry concealed handguns, they could defend themselves.

Yes, more guns will fix everything, won't they? That's just this "castrated effeminate" person's sarcastic opinion.

And now for something completely different, the G&M offers this montage of 11 recent political cartoons.

Lastly, because I've been feeling pretty ill lately (literally - it's not just the reality of the political scene that's gotten to me although that sure doesn't help) I'll just add this list of links about today's action on the campaign trail:

NDP candidate apologizes for skinny-dipping (in front of minors 12 years ago)

Dion to unveil platform and hit the re-set button on sputtering campaign (shorter headline: he's releasing the Liberals' platform on Monday)

Harper misleading Quebeckers, Duceppe says (Harper's misleading everybody - no news there)

Catch Elizabeth May's Green Train coming soon to some tracks near you.

Steve and Stephane both took the day off.

Meanwhile, a new Harris Decima poll has the Cons lead widening. Ipsos shows the same trend. How many people will actually show up to vote is another question altogether.

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