Monday, September 08, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 2

So, we're just off to a rip-roaring start, aren't we?

Partisan bickering and allegations of lies and mismanagement gave way to threats of court action Monday on the first full day of the 2008 federal election.

Yes, it seems the masters of mediocrity - collectively known as the leaders of the Cons, Liberals, NDP, and BQ - managed to muscle the Green Party's Elizabeth May out of the upcoming debates. May more than strongly hinted to a CBC anchor on Monday that there was a whiff of sexism to the decision made by the "old boy's club" and the media consortium that, according to her, was privately pressured by the boys to keep her out of the clubhouse. No girl germs allowed. In response, the boys basically mumbled "whatever" (except for Steve, of course) and changed the subject. The consortium claimed, according to May, that it had received threats from the boys that some or all of them would boycott the debates if May was allowed to participate. She dared any one of them to come out of the treehouse and say that in public. Thus, off to court she goes.

Control Freak in a Sweater Vest Steve, who started his day off on the west coast in a campaign appearance with a local candidate whom he wouldn't allow to speak, said (again) that May was a de facto Liberal. He still doesn't get the concept of different political parties, apparently. Meanwhile, Andrew Steele of the Globe and Mail seems to think that keeping May out of the debates is a good idea because, his reasoning goes, if people don't really know what the Green party is all about, they can project whatever policies they want onto it. Yeah. There's nothing like an uninformed electorate to keep Canada's democracy healthy! Don't we already have more than enough of that with people believing that Conservatives are fiscally responsible while they continually leave us with deficits? Reality check on aisle 4.

I really don't even know why there is a Conservative party since they believe in privatizing everything. Why not just privatize the federal government and be done with it? That would have the added benefit of letting Warm and Fuzzy Daddy Steve spend more time with his family. And who doesn't want that?

Not to be overshadowed by Vesty Steve, Stephane certainly came out swinging - accusing the PM of lying about his policies. Ouch. Take note, yanks: politics ain't beanbag up here either (whatever the hell that means). No more Mr Nice Dion. He obviously means business. Will he manage to unravel Steve's sweater vest? Stay tuned.

Mr "I'm running to be Prime Minister" This Time, Jack Layton - (what were you hoping to be the last time, Jack? the court jester?) - kicked off his day right here in Cowtown. Yeeha and all of that. He then flew reporters over the oil sands in Northern Alberta so they could check out the horrendous environment on their way up to the real Great White North. If he'd wanted to have a bigger splash, he should have pissed on the heads of the oil execs while he was at it. Oh well. You can't have everything this early in the campaign, I guess.

Gilles Duceppe? Farting around somewhere in Quebec trying to save his party's ass. Good luck with that!


Diva Rachel has a list of contacts if you want to express your opinion to the party leaders and media about May being excluded from the debates.

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