Monday, September 22, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 16

Are we there yet?

I received my handy dandy voter information card in the mail today. If you have questions about voter registration or where to vote, check out the Elections Canada site.

On with the show...

So, Crime Fightin' Steve wants to name young offenders and get tougher on them, does he? JAWL takes a look at those moves and lays out the case against that announcement.

Speaking of Steve and crime, he's called in those who always get their man to find out who sent out spoofed e-mails in his name.

One of the messages suggests Mr. Harper's recognition of Kosovo's independence could lead to Quebec sovereignty.

The other begins with the greeting, “Hi The Average Canadian, Stephen Harper wanted to tell you” that he intends to destroy health care, make Canada the 51st U.S. state, is beholden to the Alberta tar sands, and dislikes all things green except for the almighty American dollar.

The notes were sent to an e-mail address that automatically distributes messages to people who have signed onto the PMO listserv mailing list.

The jokesters would not necessarily have needed to hack into government computers to perform their stunt; all they would have required was the listserv's e-mail address.


Macleans' Kady O'Malley has more on that story.

Today's poll smoking: Various favourability ratings of the party leaders.

(I'm kind of bored with this race. Can you tell? Whose idea was it to do daily updates anyway? Oh yeah. Mine.)

Stephane Dion released his party's platform on Monday (titled, "Richer, Fairer, Greener") and explained how he'll balance the budget and, well, just read the article. (I'll try to be more enthusiastic tomorrow, I promise.)

I expect the Tory's platform will be named, "Meaner, Crueler, Talk to the Hand" because that was the subtitle of the last one.

Speaking of meaner, Steve is sticking with the income trust tax. That's sure to win him votes, especially from those seniors he ripped off.

Hey. I just followed a Google link to a post about the income trusts over at the Blogging Scaries - I mean "Tories" - and evidently I've been banned. Funny, I've never even commented there and have never linked to them. I guess this would be one of those pre-emptive attacks that conservatives are infamous for. Nice to know they're scared of me. That makes me happy.

You have been banned from this forum.
Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information.

What more information do I need? Wankers.

Anyway...where was I? Oh yes.

This news caught my ear today as well: Layton hints at coalition government

For the first time in this election campaign, Mr. Layton has broached the idea of a political alliance to prevent Mr. Harper from leading again.

Gee Jack, maybe you should have thought of that in 2005 when you seconded Harper's vote to bring down the Liberal government.

Margaret Wente chimes in on Elizabeth May: What's not to like about Ms. May? I heard some blurb today about people showing up to see her Green Train at 3 am. There was something about teddy bears in there too although not everyone is happy to see her.

Lastly, the battle for Quebec is on: Fortier v Duceppe

Time for Dancing With the Stars. (I jest - although my cat Joey is apparently a big fan. Who knew?)

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