Monday, September 29, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 23

So, Jack Layton wants a pentpartisanship meeting on the economic meltdown. Steve, of course, quickly said no.

...a spokesman for Mr. Harper ruled out any such meeting, saying the campaign debates are the proper place for this kind of discussion.

Apples and oranges. Even if you think Layton is grandstanding, the idea of the leaders getting together to discuss Black Monday, is vastly different from jabbing each other in a partisan way during the upcoming debates. In effect, Steve is saying that he's so supremely confident in how the Cons handle the economy (history proves how wrong that is) that he won't work with the other parties to ensure that this country's future is safe.

What's happening is the equivalent of economic terrorism. What al Qaeda was unable to accomplish via the 9/11 attacks, Wall Street and the US government have now wrought on the American people and the global economy. What Harper is doing amounts to telling Canadians to just "go shopping". That's not good enough in the midst of an unprecedented economic failure. Do you trust politicians like Jim Flaherty to guide Canadians through this? Do you trust the Conservative philosophy?

There are two weeks left in this campaign. I predict that concerns over the economy, and the success or failure of the opposition's efforts to pin those concerns on the Conservatives, will determine whether Mr. Harper gets his longed-for majority.

Jim Stanford - author of Economics for Everyone.

He's got that right.


Stay tuned for the 'Give Flaherty the Boot' campaign.

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