Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why do Canadians prefer Hillary Clinton?

That was (basically) the query Reilly over at Best Guess blog sent to me after he'd seen this poll:

Hillary is Canada's Choice for US President

TORONTO, June 25 /CNW/ - If Canadians could choose the next US President, it would be Hillary Clinton by a landslide, according to a new poll released today.

Almost four in ten Canadians want Senator Clinton as the next US president. A new poll conducted by The Strategic Counsel on behalf of The Globe and Mail and CTV News shows Hillary Clinton is the strong favorite among Canadians who give the New York senator a three-to-one lead over Rudy Giuliani (12%), the next most popular candidate among respondents. 11% would vote for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton's closest rival for the Democratic nomination.
Canadian support for Hillary Clinton cuts across age,education level,and even political affiliation. "She's as popular among Canadian Conservatives as she is among Canadian Liberals," says Woolstencroft, "and I think that says something about the kind of broad, personal appeal that the Clintons have managed to secure here in Canada."

Hillary Clinton enjoys strongest support among Quebeckers (51%), Francophone Canadians (52%) and, overwhelmingly, Bloc Quebecois voters (67%)

I gave Reilly my best guesses by e-mail about these poll results, but I'd like to know what my fellow canucks have to say about them too.

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