Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quote du Jour: Did someone order a lawsuit?

Lorne Calvert (current leader of my homeland): "If I were to hire lawyers to sue on every broken promise from Mr. Harper so far, I don't think we have enough lawyers," he said.

No doubt.

I didn't really think anyone would actually follow through when I asked someone...anyone to sue Harper the other day. Then came Lorne.... And while Steve arrogantly brushed off Lorne's threat as being "absurd", at least one expert sees an opening:

Saskatchewan may indeed have a case to take to court, said Thomas Courchene, a professor at Queen's University whose research about the province's oil revenues and how they are clawed back through equalization is often cited by Calvert.

"What might wash is an approach that suggests the manor in which equalization is operating is severely affecting the way that a province can manage its energy sector," Courchene said.

"If I were the premier, I would tilt my case that way."

Call your lawyer, Steve.

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