Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Vehicle Crashes Into Glasgow's Airport

Okay. So we in North America woke up to the news on Friday of "amateurish" car bombs being found in two cars in London. Today, an SUV crashed into Glasgow's airport setting it, and the building, ablaze. And, of course, despite confirming there is no credible threat to any US airports, security has been increased at their airports too.

CNN loves this kind of stuff and has been showing the same short clip of the burning vehicle all morning - speculating that this is about "blowback" because of the Iraq war or possibly even because Salman Rushdie was recently knighted or that these events have happened because the 7/7 anniversary is coming up or that it's a message to Gordon Brown or...etc...(CNN can always be counted on to whip up a frenzy when these things happen. Mind you, they've never spent hours analyzing bomb incidents at abortion clinics. It's not like that's "terrorism" or anything, right?).

They also keep identifying the vehicle involved as a "Land Rover".

The BBC's story doesn't seem to match that:

Eyewitnesses have described a Jeep Cherokee being driven at speed towards the building with flames coming out from underneath.

They have also described seeing two Asian men, one of whom was on fire, who had been in the car.

Strathclyde Police said two people had been arrested and detained in connection with the incident.
A Whitehall spokesman said the incident was not being treated as a national security threat however the prime minister is being kept informed of developments and is expected to chair a meeting of COBRA - the emergency committee later.

You wouldn't know any of that if you were watching CNN.

Eye-witness Richard Grey told BBC News 24: "A green Jeep was in the middle of the doorway burning.

"There was an Asian guy who was pulled out of the car by two police officers, who he was trying to fight off. They've got him on the ground.

"The car didn't actually explode. There were a few pops and bangs which presumably was the petrol."

So, was this a "terrorist attack"? We don't know yet. It appears the mens' actions were possibly deliberate but we have no idea why this incident happened. At least one "expert" on CNN had a cooler head and reminded the anchor that if this had been a "suicide attack", whoever planned it would have had to be a fool to put two guys in one car instead of using two vehicles for maximum impact.

I'll scout around for more info. No doubt the online right-wing pants-wetters (like these guys) have been been eating up this news - as they always do - to justify scaring the crap out of anyone they possibly can while pounding their chests about what mighty (keyboard) warriors they are in the GWOT. They rarely let facts get in the way of their love for building up hysteria. What fun would that be?

Update: From the "I'm sorry - what?" file - security expert Peter Bergen, appearing on CNN, said today, "Whoever's involved in this, they probably went to Pakistan for training." Really? They'd have to go all the way to Pakistan to learn how to put gas cans in their cars to use as possible bombs? Seems to me that anyone who's every driven with a gas can in their car knows the darn thing can explode if it's near a flame. I didn't have to go to Pakistan to learn that. Did you?

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