Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fun

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi has decided to support increased funding for Canadian troops. (h/t Wonkette)

From her website:

The Dems seem to really like our troops, as this old pic from their party's site shows as well:

And, in the spirit of Free Stock Photo Trade™, the Canadian government has returned the favour by having a pic of the infamous American "Everywhere Girl" on its website:

(She's the one in the purple hat on the right. Who knows where the rest of those people are from?)

No doubt this is all just another sign that North American Integration is upon us. (But we'll always have better maple syrup and bacon than those yanks.)

Related (in my mind, anyway): Speaking of bacon, the Calgary Stampede breakfasts are back. Free food. All over the city. Check out the listings here and go stuff yourselves! [Insert obligatory "Yeehaw!" here.]

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