Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One Less Tory MP

The fewer, the better:

MP Bill Casey was booted out of the Tory caucus hours after he broke ranks with his party on Tuesday night and voted against a bill to implement the federal budget.

The Nova Scotia MP said he couldn't support the budget because it doesn't allow his province to fully benefit from offshore oil and gas revenues without losing equalization payments from the federal government.
Casey will now sit as an Independent MP.

At least Garth Turner will have some company now.

Just keep kicking them out, Steve.

Oh, and the budget bill did pass with the support of the BQ. Thanks a lot, Gilles.

Update - Bonus comedic relief:

Jay Hill, the government's chief whip in the Commons, said he warned the longest-serving MP on the government side of the consequences of voting against the government on a confidence motion and was disappointed that he went ahead anyway.

"I told him point blank, You're no longer in our caucus,'" Hill said in an interview. "It's a vote of non-confidence in your own government and we cannot have people in our own caucus that express non-confidence," Hill added.

Casey, however, declined to concede that he had been booted. "I'm trying to keep the door open a little bit," he said in a separate interview.

Hill, however, declared bluntly: "He's done."

Now why does that remind me of this?

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