Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kids on Canada's No-fly List

And so it begins. CBC reports that two boys with the same name - ages 10 and 15 - ran into problems because someone with their name appears on a no-fly list.

Both boys were eventually allowed to board, once they were cleared by security after long delays, but their families fear they will face the same problem every time they try to fly.

"Canada is telling him he's guilty until proven innocent every time he flies," the Ontario boy's mother, Heather Butt, told CBC News.

Heather said an airline official at the airport could not say what no-fly list her son's name is on, and how to get it off.

"We said, 'What do we do?' and then, much to our amazement, she said we could possibly change our child's name," Heather said.

So, if your name is "Alistair Butt" too, be prepared for the same treatment (or just change your name as well. Don't choose "T. Kennedy" though. That one's on the US no-fly list, as senator Ted Kennedy found out in 2004. Maybe "George Bush" would work - although he should be on Canada's no-fly list.)

Just one thing - aren't the ages or birth dates of these people on no-fly lists accessible to airport security people? It's not like some 40 year old guy could pass himself off as a 10 year old. I'm just sayin'... Whoops. Sorry. Silly me for trying to inject some common sense into this issue.

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