Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Fun: The Absurdity of Stephen

Hon. Stéphane Dion (Leader of the Opposition, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, we have had enough. This has gone on long enough. The Minister of National Defence has misled this House too many times. He has shown how incompetent he is too many times.

Since the Prime Minister does not have the courage to ask him to do the honourable thing, will the Minister of National Defence do the honourable thing himself and resign?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC): Mr. Speaker, once again, the Minister of National Defence is a veteran of the Canadian Forces. He has served this country courageously in uniform for 32 years. When the Leader of the Opposition is able to stand in uniform and serve his country, then I will care about his opinion of the performance of the Minister of National Defence.

* * *

Mr. Michael Ignatieff (Etobicoke—Lakeshore, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I cannot remember the Prime Minister's service record.

On Sunday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs foolishly called for the Russians to return to Afghanistan. He is the one responsible for our diplomacy.

On Tuesday, the Minister of International Cooperation declared that the Afghan people do not eat flour. She is the woman responsible for development.

This week, the Minister of National Defence has stumbled from one mistake to the other. He is the man responsible for defence.

Is it not time that the Prime Minister brought this triple crown of incompetence to an end?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I will just say that it is true I have never served in the armed forces. I consider that an experience that I have missed in my life, but I can say that I have always lived and worked and paid my taxes in this country.

Mr. Michael Ignatieff (Etobicoke—Lakeshore, Lib.): Mr. Speaker--

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

The Speaker: Order, please. We seem to be having a lot of noise today. I would urge hon. members to restrain themselves. The hon. member for Etobicoke—Lakeshore has the floor.

Mr. Michael Ignatieff: Mr. Speaker, we can all play these silly games about who is the better Canadian. If they seriously believe that someone who has contributed to this country outside and come back to Canada is less of a Canadian, they should get up and say that to two million Canadians who live and work overseas.

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Harper then donned his cowboy outfit and burst out into an extended version of the Village People's In the Navy. John Baird joined in too - wearing his biker dude leathers.

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