Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reid on Iraq: Whoops

Via mcat's blog:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Anti-war Senate Democrats Tuesday plotted a new showdown with US President George W. Bush over Iraq, but admitted they had erred by making supporters think they could end the war.

Pick your jaw up from off the floor. I'll wait.

You see, they just "erred". They made a little mistake. No big deal.

Reid said...that Democrats, saddled with a thin majority in Congress, had raised unrealistic expectations about their ability to end the war, among supporters who powered their takeover of Congress last year.

Just say it, Reid. You lied. End of story. Except for the thousands who have been and will be killed while you and your fellow Dems continue to play political games with their lives - still expecting people to actually trust you to get anything done.

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