Monday, November 04, 2013

Steve's Senate: The Grift That Keeps on Giving

The average Canadian can be forgiven for not being able to follow all of the bouncing balls being bunted about in the PMO playHouse as Stephen Harper fancies himself the prime mimicker of everything decent and upstanding while failing to keep his senate scandal stories straight from one day to the next. Absolute control corrupts absolutely (to bastardize an old cliché).

Last week, CBC/The National's Peter Mansbridge summarized some of the history quite well in this video clip, in case you need to refresh your memory or catch up on the sordid affair. 

Caution: may leave a bad aftertaste, especially if you're a Conservative...

Two Key Dates in the Senate Story

Master of the straw man this past Friday nite, Steve proudly told Conservative convention thunderstick enthusiasts:

“Our opponents accuse us of being unfair, nasty and ruthless and portray the offenders as victims, even martyrs. Friends, in terms of such opponents, I couldn’t care less what they say.”
Well, we already knew he couldn't care less - about a lot of things. But to not care less about imaginary  ideas you've concocted about your enemies...well...that takes a certain sort of something, doesn't it? The word "strength" does not come to mind. "Delusion", maybe.

And, ironically, it is exactly the classic Martyr personality that when confronted with its own weaknesses and mistakes, blames them on anything it can shake one of those thundersticks at. He blamed the courts, the Liberals, the NDP... never mentioning the fact that Conservative senators are also opposed to the senate motion to suspend Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy without pay. Something about "due process" - a concept Steve doesn't seem to understand.

Due process, however, has now come knocking on the PMO's door:

Duffy allegations bring RCMP to PMO doorstep

They may be paying a little visit to the office of Senator Irving Gerstein any day now as well - he who let it slip out (rather loudly and in front of hundreds of people) that he was in the thick of L'Affaire Duffy.


The chamber formerly known as that place as sober second thought will finally vote on the fate of the senators three on Tuesday.

What's the rush, Steve? What's the rush?

No matter what, this isn't over by any stretch of the imagination. Even a delusional man can figure that out. Well, most of them can, anyway.

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