Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Senate: Where due process went to die today...

Senate votes to suspend Brazeau, Duffy, Wallin

This is a dark, dark day for Canadian democracy and justice. The unelected senate took it upon itself to create a new system of so-called accountability by unceremoniously turfing 3 senators who haven't been legally charged or convicted of anything - all at the behest of Control Freak Steve. And then the Con leader in the senate, Claude Carignan, whose office quietly received a $600,000 raise in its budget last week had the nerve to attack the Liberal senators after the votes - conveniently ignoring the fact that several Con senators also voted against the unconstitutional motions to suspend while the rest of the clapping seals went right along with the dictates of the PMO.

Due process? I think not.

But this isn't over - not by a long shot. The RCMP are still investigating and there will be more bombshells dropping on the Con party by the time this is done. Incoming!

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