Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Crack in Rob Ford's Story...

“We have recovered a digital video file, which is consistent with that which had previously been described in various media reports, and that file forms part of the evidence of the charge that we have laid today [against Lisi],” [Chief] Blair said.

So, it looks like the media "maggots" were right after all and Ford was busy doing his own version of "get off my lawn" (video) today while said maggots confronted him yet again following the press conference by Toronto police chief  Bill Blair this morning.

We'll find out exactly what the extortion charge against Alexander Lisi encapsulates later today but the huge document dump of evidence has some clues.

Meanwhile, there are no charges pending against Ford - yet - but the outcry for him to resign is deafening once again. He is, of course, resisting that.

One can only assume that this is Good News for Stephen Harper since it takes the spotlight off of the senate scandal. But, it may just suck the life out of the coverage of the CPC convention in Calgary that starts tonite though. Speaking of must suck to be a conservative right about now.

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