Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm back...

I stopped blogging a couple of years ago because my cynicism got the best of me. Years of covering the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, human rights abuses, torture, war crimes and the flagrant misuse of power by those who are supposedly elected or chosen to represent the populations they're meant to serve left me feeling as if I had a semi-truck parked on my chest. The crush was more than palpable.

I didn't walk away from following most every nuance of the political world, however. I was buoyed by the Occupy movement and the awareness it bestowed to those who clearly were not cognizant of how little power they had as citizens. I was impressed by the tenacity of Idle No More. Revolutions in time. I applauded the whistle blowers. We needed to push back and we need to continue to shine the light on the utterly brutal corruption that rules our lives while trying to find a way to cope with the devastating effects. We need to continue to disabuse ourselves of the fantasy that our political leaders have our best interests at heart and this idea that we live in totally free societies. They don't and we don't. We must stop granting power to those who abuse us and we need to reconsider the twisted belief that blatant partisanship is a useful tool in democracy. It isn't.

Before I move on to blogging about specific topics again - including the current implosion of the Canadian senate and the PMO - I'd like to leave you with this Russell Brand interview. Who knew the actor was such a revolutionary thinker? It's a must see.

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Done! New look and all...


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm

    I considered Brand a bit of a tosser until I watched this video.

  2. Yes, I was surprised as well. Pleasantly.

  3. Anonymous2:27 pm

    RadRightWingers are phony pigs.They don't work for the electorate, they work for Wall St. Ever since Dubya and pals came along and stank things up...[1]...any sort of dissent is ridiculed...[2]...any possibile conspiracies are ridiculed...[3]..."...if you're not for us you're for the terrorists..."....'so go shopping...buy crap you don't really need...otherwise the terrorists win' Bull Shit....Mission NOT Accomplished.....Cheney...Bush...Rumsfeld...Wall St Banksters and all the rest were in on Sept.11....so fuck'em all...while we're at it...fuck the Riders too... --- Mildred Dacat

    1. "fuck the Riders"

      Them's fighting words! (Not for me, but...)