Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snow Day

It's crazy spring snow storm time in Alberta. The wind is finally starting to die down and the rain and snow have passed. Lost my internets connection Wednesday afternoon which almost forced me to actually do housework - almost. Lost power for a while off and on but everything seems to be up and running now.

Trying to catch up on a variety of happenings.

I did manage to watch Nazim Gillani's testimony on Wednesday. It looks like Rahim Jaffer has a lot more explaining to do - as do officials in seven government departments now (that we know of).

It looks like speaker Milliken's ruling about the release of the Afghan detainee documents is going to be a problem for all of the parties. Harper left the distinct impression the last couple of days that his government intends to play hardball in any way his lawyers can come up with. This should be interesting...

I've seen rumours of a possible attempt for a plea bargain with Omar Khadr (which was turned down) and now there are questions about him wearing "goggles"? Obama needs to stop this farce of a so-called trial of a child soldier and needs to place some serious pressure on Harper's government to have Khadr repatriated to this country. Enough is enough.

And, speaking of Obama, how's that decision to push for more offshore drilling working for you? (Halliburton's being sued too? Karma, bitches.)

And don't you Catholics have something more important to focus on than an art exhibit? You have the nerve to refer to "dignity"? Really?

Oh, look - yet another Taliban leader the US claimed to have killed has apparently come back to life. (Queue Monty Python "Bring out your dead" skit...)

April 30, 1975 - Saigon’s Fall, 35 Years Later

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