Monday, April 19, 2010

On my mind...

Somebody needs to explain this to me: how can anyone on the left who calls themselves a "liberal", "progressive", "socialist" or even "independent" throw their support behind the leader of a country who kills people?

Continuing drone attacks in Pakistan - a sovereign country that the US has not declared war on.

Targeted assassinations of Americans abroad.

I've read all of the supposed justifications:

- Obama is smarter than the rest of you.
- He needs to prove he's tough on "terrorists" or the right-wing will eat him for dinner.
- His presidency has to succeed regardless of what he does because he's 1) a Democrat; 2) the first black president; 3) better than a mythical president Palin; 4) "good hearted".

On and on it goes.

But nothing - nothing - can convince me that excusing the American president by sidestepping ones' conscience for the sake of hyper-partisanship or any of the other myriad of rationalizations makes any rational sense to people who genuinely believe in human rights and justice - that they could lead one to dismiss these actions as minor concerns because he has a political agenda to be concerned about.

When you place politics above the law, you lose - every single time.

And when you give up your conscience for the sake of politics, in this case you condemn others to die without even a second thought.

Somebody needs to tell me how that's "progressive".

And, somebody needs to tell me where the opposition from the so-called left is about these unitary executive extra-judicial killings.

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