Monday, April 19, 2010

A Fine Mess

It's stuff the caliber of a CTV Movie of the Week. A "B" movie - the saga of Helena and Rahim. Shady business characters, "busty hookers", a former MP found with cocaine in his car, an abrasive tory cabinet minister turfed from her post and caucus allegedly based on revelations brought forward by a card-carrying Conservative private investigator with money problems who claims he never saw the political "snowball" coming because he was focused on snooping into the affairs of Nazim Gillani at the behest of investors who felt ripped off.

Intentional or not, that "snowball" continues to grow as Canadians look more suspiciously at the actions of Stephen Harper and his merry band of denialists who claim to stand for those much overused buzzwords: accountability, transparency, and justice - concepts right-wingers like to pretend they stand for in order to get elected. When the rubber actually meets the road though...well, we know how that story ends all too often.

And Steve, who is infamous for his need to control everything that emanates for his party ranks, seems to be content to have this whole sordid tale play out in the media. Allegations followed by retorts from Guergis through her lawyer. Allegations followed by retorts form Nazim Gillani. Allegations followed by retorts from PI Derrick Snowdy. Allegations followed by retorts for the PM and his toadies that the RCMP and the ethics commissioner are now on the case (even though the ethics commissioner has stated that she didn't get a formal request for an investigation and is learning what she can from the media).

Some political strategist in the PM's office is obviously gambling on the idea that the story will wear itself out and that, automagically somehow, it won't taint the party or the PM. Let's hope that person stays out of Vegas for their own sake.

This is the same strategery they've used to attempt to make the Afghan detainee scandal disappear too. And how's that working for them?

There'll be no proroguing this time, Cons.

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