Monday, April 17, 2006

Random News & Views Roundup

Spent most of the day with my family and after a huge turkey dinner prepared by my daughter and her beau, followed by a lesson for my 10 year old grand herb on how to set up her own blog, I've got some catching up to do on the day's events.

Here are a few things that caught my interest:

- They're doing some spring cleaning at the White House - and I don't mean dusting and mopping. Join the pool. Who stays and who goes in this attempt to "revitalize" the Bush administration or should they just admit its in a persistent vegetative state and pull the plug?

- The NY Sun has published the declassified version of the infamous State Department memo related to the Plame affair that Colin Powell had on Air Force One back in July, 2003. The Sun reporter attempts to make the claim that, even though the memo was labeled "secret", the status of Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie, wasn't noted as such. He fails in that task. Now, call me silly, but if a memo is classified does it not then follow that what is in said memo is too?
Update: t r u t h o u t's Jason Leopold has more specific to the news that the State Department told the CIA about its concerns that the Niger documents were forgeries just 11 days before Bush's "16 words" SOTU speech.

- Ezra Klein has the goods on Michelle Malkin's latest hateful stunt: "a crew of students at UC Santa Cruz, my alma mater, protested some military recruiters, and Malkin got hold of a press release with their personal contact information" and, of course, Malkin published them on her site which actually resulted in death threats against the students. Sick, sick, sick people. Crooks and Liars has video from Keith Olberman's show in which he dubs Malkin as "Today's Worst Person in the World". No doubt. Malkin's behaviour and that of her cheering section shouldn't come as a surprise though, considering how they practically crucified hostage Jill Carroll the day she was freed.

- Monday's No Brainer headline is from the Washington Post: Anger at Bush May Hurt GOP At Polls. That, along with the fact that the Republican-led congress has its lowest approval numbers since 1994 just might cause a teeny tiny bit of a problem come election time. I'm just guessing though... (d'oh!)

- more on WaPo: it appears their ombudsman, Deborah Howell, doesn't understand her job description.

The New York Times is running a front page article on the health setbacks faced by Katrina victims. Just what does it take to solve the problems of these evacuees and their shattered lives? Nothing has worked very well so far.

- Did you know that "A Christian Can Be a Christian or a Liberal, But He Can't Be Both"? Jeebus.

- Scott Horton thinks it's time to "Indict the Department of Justice!"

- The Pullizter Prizes have been announced. I didn't win.

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