Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Food for Thought: Darfur

"My son was clinging to my dress. An Arab looking man, in a uniform with military insignia, stopped his car next to me. He grabbed my son from me and threw him into a fire."
- Kalima, resident of the village of Kidinyir, Darfur

It's been 5 years. And what has the world done?

"Since the genocide began five years ago, more than 1 million children have been tortured, raped, wounded, displaced, and/or traumatized," stated a press release from STAND Canada (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur), which organized the Toronto rally.

"UNICEF reported in their Child Alert Report that 'The children of Darfur have little prospect of a decent, independent future for themselves ... (as the majority of them) live beyond the reach of current international relief efforts, leaving them exposed to malnutrition, illness, violence and fear.'"

More than 200,000 people have been killed and millions have been displaced in the ongoing conflict between the Arab-dominated government and African rebels.


Human Rights Watch - Darfur: Childhood at Risk After Five Years of War
Globe for Darfur
Save Darfur
Amnesty International
UNICEF - As violence continues in Darfur, children go missing and families are torn apart
A 14 year old's blog against the genocide (Warning: some may find the pictures disturbing but that girl deserves to be praised for exposing the situation exactly as it is.)

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