Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Iraq: Twisted Priorities

In March, US senators Carl Levin and John Warner sent a letter to the GAO to find out what the Iraq government has been doing with its money after they found out it has a projected surplus. "Also, the senators want to know why the Iraqi government has not spent more of its oil revenue on its own country."

Fair question.

So, on Monday, the Iraq government announced its decision to spend $5.9 billion dollars.

On what, you ask? Roads? Hospitals? Clean water? Food? Electricity generation? Houses for the millions of displaced homeless?


On airplanes.

Yes, that's right. They've signed a contract with Boeing and Bombardier to buy 50 airplanes.

Maybe the government can move some of those millions of starving and parched Iraqi citizens who still live in the dark due to this endlessly corrupt occupation into those planes until they actually get their shit together enough to figure out what their priorities should be.

In the meantime, those two US senators need to spend their time explaining to the voters why they haven't bothered to impeach the boy king in the White House who created this mess in the first place instead of whining about how much money the US has had to spend to fix this mess it's created.

They're hardly models of anything resembling fiscal sanity.

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