Monday, April 14, 2008

Documentary: The World According to Monsanto

Most Canadians are aware of the 'David v Goliath' lawsuit launched by Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser (who is still accepting donations for his legal bills) that went on for years, reached the Supreme Court, and finally resulted in victory for Schmeiser:

Schmeiser pleased with victory over Monsanto

In an out of court settlement finalized on March 19, 2008, Percy Schmeiser has settled his lawsuit with Monsanto. Monsanto has agreed to pay all the clean-up costs of the Roundup Ready canola that contaminated Schmeiser's fields. Also part of the agreement was that there was no gag-order on the settlement and that Monsanto could be sued again if further contamination occurred. Schmeiser believes this precedent setting agreement ensures that farmers will be entitled to reimbursement when their fields become contaminated with unwanted Roundup Ready canola or any other unwanted GMO plants.

If you're interested in what's in your food, what's lurking in your yard if you use Roundup™, what the health effects are, and Monsanto's history of abusing the planet and the lives of the people its products have touched, you can now watch the complete documentary, The World According to Monsanto, posted on the Information Clearing House site. (1 hr 49 minutes)

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