Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cons: RCMP Raid Was a 'Publicity Stunt'

Pass the tissues. Oh how I weep for those poor victims of the RCMP raid of the Cons' headquarters.


The tories are scrambling to paint themselves as being oppressed after yesterday's raid (which continues today). The problem is that they appointed the two Elections Canada officials they're now suing and that they applaud the RCMP (even protecting Zaccardelli to the bitter end) except when they're the targets of a legally-sanctioned warrant. And now, they're also trying to implicate the Liberals in some sort of conspiracy theory:

News of the raid first broke on CBC Newsworld Tuesday and other media quickly arrived on the scene. Liberal staffers from the Liberal research bureau, which is one block away from the Conservative party headquarters, then followed with a video camera to record the event.

Several Conservatives expressed suspicion Wednesday that the media and Liberals were made aware of the raid. Liberals insist they learned of it by watching television. CBC News has not yet said how they became aware of the raid.

“I do find it odd when I look at a photograph as I did this morning, and I see someone knocking on the door with cameras, news cameras present, and to see that there were Liberal party people in the hallway,” said Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

“I find that very strange indeed. This is I gather some sort of enforcement warranted activity that was being undertaken. In my life as a lawyer in the courts of Canada, I'm not used to the media being along with officers carrying out their duties. It's rather unusual actually.”

Obviously, Flaherty has never watched COPS.

Ontario Tory MP David Tilson made similar remarks.

“Why are they picking on the Conservatives?” asked Mr. Tilson. “It's very suspicious.”

Well, nail Harper to a cross and give him a crown of thorns.

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