Friday, April 11, 2008

Obama's Money People - Contradictory Stories

The Washington Post has an illuminating article about the source of Obama's campaign contributions, a topic of interest considering the fact that Obama hasn't committed to public financing - a system he called 'creaky' today.

Beyond the specifics of that indecision though are these two contrasting quotes from those two stories.


Obama's bundlers help make up a more loosely defined "national finance committee," whose members are made to feel part of the campaign's inner workings through weekly conference calls and quarterly meetings at which they quiz the candidate or his strategists. At one meeting, bundlers urged the campaign to link Iraq war costs with the faltering economy. And they got an advance copy of Obama's Philadelphia speech in which he addressed the incendiary remarks of his longtime pastor.

Obama policy advisers also meet with bundlers and other top givers. Anthony Lake, who served as President Bill Clinton's national security adviser, has met with so many Obama contributors that, in an unusual move, the campaign credits him for funds raised when he conducts the meetings. He's on the top bundler list. "This is the first time I've ever gotten involved in this kind of work in a campaign," Lake said.

But, here's what Obama said about that on Friday:

_Obama acknowledged that besides an unusually large number of small donors, he also has relied on well-connected fundraisers with corporate interests. But he said his financial operation is separate from his policy positions.

"We have a national finance committee, they are very active but they don't interact with me," he said. "They are not as a general rule part of my day-to-day policy or advisory committee. Although there are some people who have raised money for me who are also prominent business leaders, so if we were putting forward an economic plan and there was some expertise there we would tap into it."

Which version is true?

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