Monday, April 21, 2008

Raidgate: The Warrants Are Out

I'm still working on the name here. Should it be InAndOutGate? SchadenfraudeGate? HypocrisyGate? SucksToBeYouGate? MillionDollarWhinyBabiesGate? HoneyIBoughtTheElectionGate?

Whatever you call it, it it looks like money laundering to me:

Search warrants and a sworn affidavit to support last week's police raid on Conservative Party headquarters spell out an alleged “in and out” scheme under which the party allegedly funnelled $1.1-million through the local election campaigns of individual Tory candidates so they could spend more on their national campaign.

As expected, the affidavit alleges that in the 2005-06 election campaign, the Conservatives' national headquarters transferred money to 67 local candidates - who immediately transferred it back as “payment” for campaign advertising. Amounts ranged from just over $2,000 to $52,000, it states.

The “scheme” had two significant consequences, the affidavit states: First, it allowed the Tories to spend more than $1-million over and above the spending limit on election expenses. Secondly, it allowed about 67 local candidates to claim a 60-per-cent rebate on the amounts, totalling $825,000, for which they weren't entitled.

That G&M article also has links to the text of the affidavits and warrants.

Lucky for Steve, he's hiding out in NOLA at the Three Amigos meeting. Maybe he can get some tips from Bush about how to avoid the law back home.


Raidgate: Warrant Details to be Released Monday

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