Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Bush Poll Numbers

Via Gallup:

PRINCETON, NJ -- George W. Bush's most recent quarter, his 22nd in office, was the worst of his presidency and the worst for any president since 1992, based on his 35.8% average approval rating during that quarter. It also ranks in the bottom 20 quarters out of the more than 240 quarters Gallup has measured for all presidents since Harry Truman.

For the quarter beginning on April 20, 2006, and ending on July 19, Bush averaged a 35.8% approval rating. This includes Bush's term low 31% single poll rating in early May of this year. Since then, his approval rating has recovered somewhat with his last rating of his 22nd quarter at 40%. Bush's first two ratings of his 23rd quarter have been 37% and 40% respectively.

For each of the last six quarters, Bush's average approval rating has shown some decline, with the last five marking new lows for him.


American public opinion to George W Bush: 'Can you hear me now??'

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