Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Aid Efforts: Canadian News Roundup

Help is slowly arriving to the devastated people of Haiti. Here's a roundup of Canadian efforts and stories.

The department of foreign affairs estimates the number of Canadians currently unaccounted for in Haiti is 1,415. 272 have returned to Canada. The Canadian death toll sits at 4.

The feds are planning to fast track immigration.

800 peacekeeping troops are on standby status due to problems at the Port-Au-Prince airport. They would join the 500 sailors currently en route along with the preliminary DART team.

TO Star reporter, Joanna Smith, is on the ground with a live Twitter feed.

The Globe and Mail has a list of agencies accepting donations.

The ICRC has a site to help those looking for family and friends.

The Alberta government announced a donation of $500,000 after Stelmach had initially refused to pledge any governmental help on Thursday. (h/t reader Cat)


The federal government is earmarking up to $50 million to match Canadians' donations to eligible charitable organizations in the country.
My thoughts are with all of those who are suffering.


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