Friday, January 22, 2010

Anti-prorogation Protests

A series of anti-prorogation protests in numerous towns and cities are scheduled for this weekend. The Facebook group, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, has a list of scheduled protests here and the message has spread internationally.



Date: Saturday, January 23
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Outside the Canadian Consulate
1251 Avenue of the Americas, (b/w 49th and 50th)

Date: Saturday January 23
Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Outside the Canadian Consulate

Date: Saturday, January 23
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Canadian Consulate of San Francisco
580 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94104
Please RSVP to the event on facebook if you are interested in coming.

Date: January 23
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm
Location: Canadian Embassy - The Hague
And, as they note, there are other ways to get involved if you can't get out there on the streets:

***Want to get involved in the meantime?***
1) Write to your local paper(s)
2) Write to your MP and your MPP
3) Write to the GG, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean (By Email: By Mail: Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A1 NO POSTAGE REQUIRED By Fax: 613-998-8760)
4) Write to the Queen about the GG and Harper (Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom)
5) Spread the word to friends, family, and coworkers! The more Canadians we can get on board, the stronger our voice will be.

Also, check out

If you're interested in donating to help with the rallies, you can do so here:
Meanwhile, hypocrite Harper refuses to face reality:

Canada is better off under Tory rule: Stephen Harper

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper, speaking to his caucus on Parliament Hill, says "Canada is safer, stronger and better off" after four years of Conservative rule.

On Saturday, Conservatives mark the fourth anniversary of the election that swept out Paul Martin and the Liberals and gave the reins of government to Harper and the Conservatives.

"It was four years ago tomorrow that Canadians first chose our party to lead our country," Harper said to the cheers of Conservative MPs and senators on Friday. "It was a minority government. They predicted it could not last. They gave us 18 months at the absolute most. We survived, we persevered, we won re-election and tomorrow, we enter our fifth year of serving Canadians."
Survived? Persevered? After using using prorogation twice to silence opposition in the peoples' parliament?

The man is deluded.


Anti-prorogation activists: engaged, voting and older

Facebook group: Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament

Federal NDP making gains at Liberal, Tory expense: Poll

Bob Rae sings the prorogation blues (Yes, really - he sings.)

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