Thursday, September 03, 2009

Harper's Economic Fearmongering

If there's an election this fall, we're all gonna die!

Or something like that...


An election does nothing for the country than present a great risk that we could get off track.

Economists say a federal election unlikely to derail Canada's economic recovery

Bob Rae:

"There's an effort here on the part of the Conservatives to create an atmosphere of total instability," Rae said. "Well, we're not a banana republic. Mr. Harper's not a generalissimo yet. He has to get used to living in a constitutional democracy."


The performance of Canada's economy has been significantly better than elsewhere.


Canada, which fought off recession much longer than its peers in the Group of Seven nations, will trail them down the road to recovery, according to new projections by the Organization for Economic Development and Co-operation.

All G7 economies save those of Canada, Britain and Italy will expand in the third quarter, the Paris-based OECD said Thursday.

Any questions?

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