Friday, October 17, 2008

What would you do with $300 million?

The CBC's Quirks & Quarks guy, Bob McDonald, has a post up on his blog listing some of the things he'd do with the $300 million that the last useless election cost Canadians:

Our latest federal election, which effectively changed nothing, is estimated to have cost somewhere around $300 million. After playing with my calculator, here’s a short list of what else we could have done with that money:

* Built 3 planetariums or major science museums.

* Built 4 research laboratories for alternative clean energy.

* Installed 100 wind turbines.

* Provided full university scholarships for 6, 000 students — $50,000 each.
* Provided clean drinking water to northern communities.

* Built 10 high schools.

* Built three regional hospitals.

* Funded 100 13-part educational television series.

* Sent me on 10 tourist flights to the International Space Station.

This is just a partial list; I invite you to add to it. Have fun with your calculator and think hard about where some of our government spending priorities really lie.

What would you do with that enormous amount on money?

My list would start with one huge cheesecake to munch on while I tried to imagine where else to splurge.

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