Monday, August 18, 2008

Send in the C[l]o[w]ns: Redux

If you missed last week's Ethics committee hearings into the Conservatives' in and out election funding scheme, a most arrogant display of obstruction and contempt of parliament, fear not. CPAC (schedule) is rerunning the circus performances of the Incredibly Disorderly Cons this week. We all know now what their summer reading consisted of and it wasn't Danielle Steele. Never have so many known so little about points of order or, as I would tend to believe, never have so many known exactly what a point of order actually is and tried to twist it repeatedly in ways that would make balloon animal aficionados jealous.

Grab your popcorn. Please refrain from throwing tomatoes at your teevee. You'd just have to clean that up later anyway.


11 Tories no-shows at campaign-funding probe

Harper hints at triggering election "because Parliament is not functioning anymore." Gee, and whose fault is that? Exhibit A: Tory official ousted from committee meeting probing ad spending.


It would be nice if CPAC had video archives available online. I think the public should demand that they provide this service to bring it into the 21st century. You can contact CPAC here.

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