Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm Ba-ack


Had to get a wireless router and adapter and then pretend I knew what I was doing to set them up but I'm finally back online.

So much to catch up on. I discovered how much I rely on the internets to get the back story behind the news. Teevee soundbites just don't cut it and, since I don't subscribe to any newspapers or magazines, I really missed all of the information available online. No wonder a majority of the public is ignorant about what's really going on. There's nothing like access to in depth coverage. All hail the intertubes!

Of course, now that I am back online, it'll take me that much longer to unpack things here (gee - bummer). Have I mentioned that moving sucks? The cats and I are fed and watered and we occasionally have treats (like food) so it's all good.

Don't forget: Friday is Buy Nothing Day. Do your part and send a message.

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