Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quotes du Jour: RCMPgate

"I'm a lawyer and I tell you they would be in court if it was anyone else, and packing a tooth brush for prison," said Conservative MP Brian Fitzpatrick.

Said Liberal Shawn Murphy: "The coverup is worse than the crime."

RCMP Probe Announced

OTTAWA – The federal government is appointing an investigator to probe allegations that top Mounties committed fraud involving the RCMP pension and insurance plans.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day promised a "full public report," but stopped short of calling a public inquiry, which would have the power to subpoena witnesses.

If there are alleged crimes involved, why wouldn't Day want an investigator to have subpoena powers?

These allegations are not new, of course, so I also wonder why Day took such a long time to actually call for action.

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