Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gone Thinking Open Thread

Yes, I've been awol most of the day - gone thinking instead of gone fishing. Thinking about the politics of powerlessness, which I will be writing ranting about later. We're all familiar with the feeling of powerlessness. Some days it's just overwhelming, as it is for me today, so we grasp on to what little power we do have and hang onto that. My power is to write about my perspective in dealing with it and that deserves more than just a quick blurb thrown together in haste that comes from that familiar crushing feeling. Powerlessness has to be understood if it's to be overcome. Powerlessness isn't about complete surrender without direction. It's about acknowledging it and moving forward in spite of it.

That's why I'm gone thinking...

In the meantime, if you've found interesting stuff in your internets travels today or if you just want to rant or share, go for it.

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