Friday, March 23, 2007


So the House Democrats passed the emergency supplemental war spending bill on Friday which Bush has promised to veto. In response, Bush held a press conference in which he surrounded himself with veterans and called the passage of the bill "an act of political theater". Pot. Kettle Black.

And, in an act of absolute hypocrisy, he added "Our men and women in uniform should not have to worry that politicians in Washington will deny them the funds and the flexibility they need to win."

That, coming from a so-called commander-in-chief who didn't send in enough troops to begin with thus guaranteeing that soldiers would die needlessly. That, coming from a so-called commander-in-chief who sent troops into battle without the body armour and protection they needed to survive. That, coming from a so-called commander-in-chief who is responsible for billions of dollars going missing in Iraq with no accountability whatsover. That, coming from a commander-in-chief who refuses to allow pictures of the dead in their coffins coming home from his failed war. That, coming from a so-called commander-in-chief who kept Rumsfeld on as defence secretary despite the fact that his unwillingness to compromise and change course cost American soldiers their lives. That, coming from the worst commander-in-chief ever.

And he has the audacity to state that a narrow majority in the house "abdicated its responsibilty"? That, coming from a president who takes no responsibilty for anything?

If the majority abdicated any responsibility they had, it was in passing a bill that they knew would be vetoed anyway when they could have supported a bill calling for an end to the war. Period. Instead, so-called "progressives/liberals" in the Democratic party caved on their principles and refused to stand up for what the majority of Americans want - an end to this nightmare. They took the softer, easier way out because they're worried about their political future.

What they should be concerned about is the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have died, millions are displaced, one third of Iraqi children are malnourished, water and electricity are still scarce, the Iraqi government is moving on a law to contract out oil profits to multinational companies, tortured corpses are still showing up every single day, the notion of security is an absolute farce, troops are in the middle of a civil war with no end in sight, their soldiers continue to die with tens of thousands wounded in a war they should never have been in to begin with, chlorine trucks are exploding, government corruption is rampant, yet politics is their main consideration. They're playing politics with peoples' lives. This is no time to be timid, no matter what Boy King Bush threatens.

No one won today but millions of people certainly did lose - a lot - again.

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