Monday, March 26, 2007

Liberal Minority Gov't Elected in Quebec

Quebec Election results:

Liberals - 46 48
ADQ - 42 41
PQ - 37 36

(as of 11pm ET, Monday nite...corrections reflect updated numbers as of midnite ET)
Source: CBC

CBC News is projecting a Liberal minority government in Quebec.

The Liberal party and Action Démocratique du Québec were running neck and neck in several closely contested ridings, with the PQ trailing behind for most of Monday night.

This is the first minority government in Quebec since 1878.

With about two-thirds of the votes counted, the Liberals, led by Jean Charest, had 32 per cent of the popular vote, translating to about 47 seats. Mario Dumont's ADQ was narrowly behind with 31.5 per cent of the popular vote but slightly ahead of the Liberals in seat count, leading or elected in about 40 seats.

The Parti Québécois, led by André Boisclair, has tallied 29 per cent of the vote, translating to about 38 seats.

The newly rebuilt Green party enjoyed a three per cent gain in popular support but failed to take a seat.

Poor Harper:

In the last stretch of the election, Ottawa handed Charest a trump card as the Conservative federal budget allotted billions of dollars in transfer payments to Quebec.

The Liberal leader turned around and promised another round of tax cuts for Quebecers, many of whom scoffed at the offering, calling it a ploy to buy votes.


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