Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alleged Blackfive Blog Spokesman Threatens Me

What am I supposed to make of this threat?:

john Writes:
March 27th, 2007 at 11:01 pm

We over at Blackfive do not appreciate the lies of some commie like yourself that wants the U.S to loose and all our boys brought home in a body bag. You think you can mess with those of us that have served our country? The least you will get from the boys at Blackfive is a video smack down by our own resident ex-special forces, Uncle Jimbo! Uncle Jimbo as killed more people than girls you have kissed during you dorm spin the bottle games at vassar college. Come over and vist the boys at Blackfive and let yourself be known. We love guests. If you want trouble you got it by talking smack about our young men in the services. We are a tight knit bunch and we could care a less if there was one less ass clown moon bat ruining our beautiful country. You and your friends will pay. They have put the word out at Blackfive and we will find you.

That was a comment left at Alas, a blog which I allowed to repost my March 19, 2007 diary that appeared here titled, Into The Fifth: Stories From Iraq.

Lies? I posted media clippings and photos from various news stories. My only commentary in that post was this:

It’s all about “good days and bad days” to Bush.

Identify one “good day” in Iraq since this war began, Bush. I dare you.

And now I have been personally threatened by someone allegedly speaking on behalf of Blackfive. And even if I had expressed an opinion beyond that, that certainly does not excuse that kind of threat. If you think your threats are going to stop me from posting my opinions, you're just plain wrong.

As we were recently again reminded, threats in the blogosphere are nothing new. Neither are death threats.

Rest assured, I will investigate this and whoever is responsible for that threat will be dealt with through legal means.

I'm calling for an immediate response from Blackfive. I want to know if that is the opinion of their site or anyone who runs it. I want to know if the person who wrote that threat is affiliated in any way with Blackfive. And I demand that they answer for it.

I will not go quietly. You can count on that. You've chosen the wrong person to threaten.

Update: I want to thank one of the bloggers at Alas, a blog for helping me to track down the person involved. I need to add that one of Blackfive's owners took time out of his vacation to help me today as well. The person who wrote this threat has also tried to cause trouble for Blackfive's owners as well. He will be dealt with as soon as possible and legal action will be taken now that I have this person's city of residence and possible name. Thanks to all who've popped in to support me too. This has been a trying day and that's meant a lot to me.

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