Sunday, March 27, 2011


I've taken a long hiatus from blogging because I'd reached a point where my head was sure to explode last fall if I'd kept on chronicling the massive corruption, hypocrisy, and general insanity that was continually emanating from TPTB (The Powers That Be). Not that this was a new phenomenon - obviously - but I just couldn't justify expending one more ounce of my limited energy at that time to rail in any kind of meaningful way beyond just shouting, ARGH!.

I didn't disappear completely. I've commented on others' blogs and I've still maintained my News Junkie status. But my passion for attempting to write any sort of lengthy, convincing arguments about what I was witnessing diminished to the point where I probably should have just taken up Tweeting. To what end?

Anyway, I think I'm back now - sufficiently energized about the upcoming federal election, the implementation of the no-fly zone in Libya (which I'm against), the expansion of Western imperialism, the surrender to the moneyed interests and the resulting "austerity" (code for: screw the poor people) measures along with my continued voyeurism of the saga of the evaporation of Candidate Obama (as if he ever was a liberal) while President Obama moves further rightward with his every breath - among other things.


That's it. I'm also planning a blog redesign as soon as I can find something that I like and that I can actually make work.

Stay tuned.

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