Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Shuffling of the Deck Chairs

Meet Steve's new cabinet:

Agriculture - Gerry Ritz
Defence - Peter MacKay
Environment - Jim Prentice
Finance - Jim Flaherty
Fisheries - Gail Shea
Foreign Affairs - Lawrence Cannon
Health - Leona Aglukkaq
Heritage - James Moore
Immigration - Jason Kenney
Intergovernmental Affairs - Josee Verner
International Trade - Stockwell Day
International Cooperation - Bev Oda
Industry - Tony Clement
Justice - Rob Nicholson
Labour - Rona Ambrose
National Revenue - Jean-Pierre Blackburn
Natural Resources - Lisa Raitt
Public Safety - Peter Van Loan
Public Works - Christian Paradis
Transport - John Baird
Treasury Board - Vic Toews
Veterans Affairs - Greg Thompson

Government House Leader - Jay Hill
Government Whip - Donald O'Connor

Ministers of State:

Atlantic Opportunities - Keith Ashfield
Democratic Reform - Steven Fletcher
Economic Development (Quebec region) - Denis Lebel
Foreign Affairs - Peter Kent
Science & Technology - Gary Goodyear
Sports - Garry Lunn
Transport - Rob Merrifield
Western Diversification - Lynn Yelich
Women - Helena Guergis

And what was that about Conservatives hating big government?

Harper expanded cabinet to 38 members from 31 to make room for new and veteran MPs alike.

Source: The Star

Throne speech: Nov 18


I missed a few (temporary laptop meltdown) but you can find them here.

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