Friday, October 03, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 27

So, I kind of forgot last nite's election watch roundup since I had a busy nite watching the US and Canadian debates. Whoops.

As far as our debate went, stylistically, I think Layton - although he got in a few good zingers - really needs to learn how not to look like he's constantly starring in a teevee commercial. His posing for the camera was annoying. Gilles was Gilles. Elizabeth May was aggressive but held her own. Dion's English was okay. Having been raised in a household with 2 Quebecois parents, I have an easy time deciphering the h'accent (which I'm also fond of) so I can't judge how an average English-speaking canuck might have heard his performance. Steve - well, once again he had bad posture, tried to pretend he was Mr Low Key Non-threatening Guy and managed to control his temper (mostly).

Substance-wise, I think Steve was hammered on basically all of the issues by the rest of the leaders. His lack of a released platform left him with the basic Con talking points ie. tough on crime (jail the kids), trust us on the economy (even though it's tanking), we love teh public health care system (yeah, right), intensity targets good (grunt and a wink to his corporate petro-buddies) and nobody loves you like the Cons do (daddy Steve will save you all from the evil socialists and separatists).

All in all, it was a draw. But at least I understand the Green Shift better now so that's a plus for Dion (and May).

(I don't know what these wankers were watching.)

And can I just add my 2 cents about what an ugly, distracting table that was?

Anyway, another day, another plagiarism charge against Harper. (Who the hell would want to steal anything from Mike Harris??)

Paul Martin was in Calgary on Friday bravely going where (almost) no Liberal would dare to go by predicting, 'We will elect a Liberal government'. Who's this "we", Paul? Do you have worms?

It looks like Steve's majority may not be on the march according to a new Ipsos-Reid poll. I guess fewer Quebecois have chosen to greet him with flowers and candy so it looks like it won't be Mission Accomplished there. But polls are polls so stay tuned for new ones next week. This is almost over. 10 more days to go...

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