Friday, October 03, 2008

Non-partisan Canadian Political Bloggers

After I discovered CBC's Ormiston Online this past week, which I'd heard about but hadn't yet visited, I found out that the research group Infoscape used to compile blog data was only sourcing partisan blogs so I e-mailed the contact and asked why independents like me weren't being considered. The short answer was that there really isn't a reliable aggregator for non-partisan blogs. That's true. The site that hails itself as The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians actually includes several partisan bloggers who were grandfathered in. Not only that, the list includes non-political blogs as well.

The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians is happy to attract a wide range of bloggers. Your blog does NOT have to be political in order to belong. Indeed, cultural blogs or photoblogs are welcome as they add to the diversity of the group. Likewise, if you have committed yourself to a particular political party, this does NOT disqualify you, so long as you haven’t already joined one of the partisan blogrolls mentioned above. We are seeking only to grant traffic to a diverse set of quality bloggers who are uncomfortable with joining the explicitly partisan blogrolls in the Canadian blogosphere. We only ask that you display the BANPC blogroll code, so that all the members of the BANPC can benefit from the link your membership provides.

Sites which meet the criteria when they joined the BANPC, and which went on to join other partisan blogging associations will NOT be asked to leave the BANPC. They can stay as part of a grandfather clause. Members of the Progressive Bloggers, the Liberty Logs, the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy and the Red Ensign Brigade are also welcome to join.

As far as I know, the BANPC is the only aggregator that claims to be non-partisan. Are there others I don't know about?

Maybe by the time the next election rolls around - and who knows when that might happen considering the fixed election dates law isn't actually a real law according to Harper? - we independents can organize ourselves in such a manner as to allow blog researchers to include our voices so that we can have a bigger impact in the MSM and election races.


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