Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Canadian Election Watch - Day 25

A very harried 5 leader French language debate was tonite's election highlight. The result: no clear winner. The oddity: Stephane Dion's translator had a Scottish accent. The whiner: Steve complained to the media that he'd been "ganged up on" after it was over and he was - and he should have been. The best digs of the nite: Elizabeth May repeatedly saying that Steve and his agenda were "dangerous".

(I'm not feeling all that well tonite so I'll have to keep this short.)

I think all of the leaders managed to get some of the main points of their platforms across (not that the Cons have actually offered a "platform" yet, per se) although it was quite a jumbled mess to sort out if you weren't familiar with what they've put out since the campaign began. Maybe they'll try to clean it up a bit for the English debate. It felt like watching Question Period (without having Steve serve up some heavy-handed pinch hitter like a Van Loan or Baird for the questions he didn't want to answer).

To sum it up, I really was underwhelmed and I don't think that any of them were able to grab new votes from those performances.


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