Monday, December 11, 2006

Toppling the Tories Over Afghanistan? Sounds good to me...

As far as I'm concerned, anything that could end the Tory reign in Ottawa is more than welcome. Most especially though, and since I am antiwar, if Gilles Duceppe wants to introduce a non-confidence motion over our participation in the Afghanistan war, I'm definitely all for it.

(Sidebar: I tore a strip off the Liberal party for going along with the extended 2 year NATO mission motion when they ought to have had the sense to just say 'no'. Now they have the chance to redeem themselves and they'd better consider it a helluva lot more carefully this time.)

The NDP are in favour of such a motion while Dion is taking a wait and see approach although he's certainly critical of what's going on.

Let the Tories try and guilt trip everybody about how Canada is really there to help the Afghans while the main thing we are actually doing there is killing people. Other NATO countries that will not change their mandates to participate in a combat role there have every right to make that decision and the US is in no position to criticize anyone else over its failure to make significant progress in Afghanistan. It's been 5 years already. 5 years. Where's their Afghanistan Study Group report? Nowhere to be found because they really don't give a crap. That's yesterday's war and now NATO is in charge to fix their mistakes.

I've said it way too many times but it's the truth: the spring motion in the house of commons that came without any plans or study was an absolute farce that no one should have voted for. Who the hell commits troops without a plan except Bush? If there's anything a government should fall over, it's the commitment to send troops into battle to die without giving any consideration to the circumstances on the ground. It's that simple.

Bring it on, Gilles.

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