Monday, December 18, 2006

Dion's First Mistake

Meet Canada's version of Gore/Lieberman: Dion/Ignatieff.

Stéphane Dion has appointed Michael Ignatieff, a key rival in the race to head the federal Liberals, as his deputy leader.

"We will have a dream team to offer to Canadians," Dion said as he made the announcement in the city of Quebec Monday. "In this dream team, my dream was to have Michael Ignatieff as close to me as possible."

That certainly isn't my dream team.

What was Dion thinking? 'Hey! I'm going with the guy who has the least political experience and who suffers from serious foot-in-mouth disease'.


Related: Liberals won't topple Tory government over Afghanistan mission: Dion. My relationship with Mr Dion is off to a very shaky start.

Stephane Dion says he won't back a Bloc Quebecois threat to introduce a motion of non-confidence if Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn't overhaul the Afghan effort. The Bloc is looking for an excuse to provoke a quick election before Liberals can get organized, according to Dion.

Toppling the government over Afghanistan would serve no purpose, he adds.

How about the purpose of actually getting our troops out of there, Stephane? And how about having a free vote on the matter instead of issuing a proclamation?

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