Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Harper Wants Elected Senators...sort of...

If I was a Harper supporter, I'd be wondering what the hell I was doing backing a man who keeps breaking his election promises. First it was the disastrous income trust decision, then last week's political game where instead of putting forward a motion to decide on same sex marriage, all Steve did was present a motion to reopen the debate - which promptly failed. And now, it's a half-hearted attempt at senate reform - an issue Harper has been harping about for years.

OTTAWA (CP) - With an eye on a looming election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is introducing legislation that would let voters choose senators for the first time.

But critics warn that he's trying to change a fundamental part of the political system without proper consultation and constitutional change. And some speculate it will lead to battles over who has more power - MPs or senators.

The new law would allow voters to choose preferred candidates to represent their province or territory in the upper chamber in a special polling system run by Elections Canada.

It falls short of actually electing senators, which would require constitutional change, but will provide the prime minister with a gauge of public feeling in making appointments.

He's too scared to open up the constitution so he's going to have a poll. Brilliant.


The bill is entitled: an act to provide for consultation with electors on their preferences for appointments to the Senate.

What kind of wishy-washy, half-assed bill is that which will only see those appointments made when serving senators either quit, die or turn 75?

Steve proudly proclaimed to his caucus:

"Imagine that, after a century and a half, democracy will finally come to the Senate of Canada.

Democracy in the senate may be on the march but it'll be the slowest damn parade you've ever seen.

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