Thursday, December 04, 2008

Run away! Run away!

As expected, Steve has done what all bullies do when it's time to face the music - run in the other direction. And the Governor General has co-signed his cowardice by agreeing to allow him to shut down parliament.

Con Treasury Board Prez Vic Toews takes his toy and goes home.

Let's play Spot the Contradiction:

He [Harper] added that he hoped the other parties would work with him. "Canadians expect us to get on with this."

Yes, let's "get on with this" - at the end of January after the Cons have had a longer opportunity to demonize the opposition through its nasty media blitz while the recession further damages our economy. Yup. Darn good idea.

In response, Dion said the coalition will continue to hang together and that it would take a "monumental change" in Steve for it to vote for the upcoming budget. I'll say. "Monumental" as in an extreme political/personality makeover (a la get your head out of your neocon ass). That's not going to happen, no matter how many sweater vests he wears between now and then. Beware the spouse who brings home flowers after they beat you up the nite before.

You can bet that the Cons will now do everything they can to paint themselves as victims while visions of powerplums dance in their heads this xmas season.

Twas weeks before Christmas, when all through the House
Not an MP was stirring, thanks to one louse.

I'm already going through Question Period withdrawal. Damn you, Stephen Harper!

Cheesecake. I need cheesecake...

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