Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's the end of the world as we know it...

The political apocalypse has arrived, brought to you by the four horsemen: Dion, Layton, Duceppe and Jean (if she decides to grant the coalition's wish.)

Harper played chicken one too many times and now he's finally being forced off the road into the depths of hellish obscurity - where he belongs. In the meantime, pundits and various Canadians are shocked - shocked, I tell ya - that parliament has come to this while the Cons are encouraging hordes of angry supporters to man the barricades of the neocon fort.

"I think a lot of political science students are going into their university classes today asking their professors: To become prime minister of this country don’t you have to win an election?" Heritage Minister James Moore said in an interview Tuesday with CBC News.

Well no, James. That's the point. Ask your leader. He knows all about that.

Am I the only Canadian who feels some peace about this situation? I'm not a fan of Dion, Layton or Duceppe but I certainly support what they're doing. Conservatives so desperately want me to be extremely scared about what's to come. This is simply the fundamentalist version of the religion of politics - preach fear to keep people in line. Call out the sinners (like the CBC and Justin Trudeau) and use fire and brimstone to warn them that they'll all burn for this.

Albertans are talking about separating again. (That old Harper firewall letter might come in handy. Maybe Steve can become the first PM of the Republic of Alberta?) The rhetoric flying around is absolutely insane - wingnuttery at its finest. There are hints (very small admissions) that Cons know that Harper screwed himself and the party with his actions last week but that is quickly shoved aside by ridiculous fearmongering about how Canada is about to spontaneously combust. It's quite the theatre and I find it all very entertaining, to be frank.

"This is the worst abuse of the democratic process I have ever seen in this country. Ever." - Dave Rutherford, QR77 radio

Oh my!

I'm sorry, Dave, but I find that kind of ranting hilarious. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. As for democracy, those of us who voted anybody but Conservative chose people to democratically represent us in situations like this. I know. That's not your kind of democracy because only the party you vote for counts, but that's reality, baby.

The latest news today is that Steve is planning to address the country. A mea culpa? Not a chance. More bullying? You betcha. Queue slightly contrite but passively aggressive Steve as he tries to remake himself into Braveheart or some such figure.

One of the arguments in favour of keeping these clowns the past couple of days has been the fact that they've backed down on the funding and strike issues. Do Canadians really want a government ready to flip-flop at the drop of a hat like that? I thought they were supposed to be standing up for their principles - or whatever it is that they call their belief in their right to strip rights away from everybody else. Their supporters apparently don't have a problem with that. Not their problem, after all.

The only serious concern I have at this point is the potential for the upcoming public protests against the coalition to turn into civil disobedience gone wrong because of the level of rage I'm hearing expressed. And with the Con party planning to blitz the media, stirring that brewing pot of resentment, there's the possibility that things could get out of control.

Other than that, all I have to say to Conservatives is this: deal with it. Climb down off of that holier than thou pulpit, stop pretending that you're the only people who care about the future of Canada and eat the crow you deserve. And please come up with some new material. As entertaining as all of this is, showing reruns of your incompetence on a daily basis can only keep me laughing for so long. New and more bizarre stuff, people - I know you have it in you. Bring it on.

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